Nicotine & Smoke Damage

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Gary’s Property Services takes care of everything from the distinctive nasty yellow stains left by nicotine to walls, and surfaces left blackened by smoke damage. Don’t be left frustrated by scrubbing surfaces that just don’t want to come up clean. Give me a call, and we’ll see what we can do.

25+ years of experience in the waste management industry

We will undertake the jobs that other waste management companies will shy away from.
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Cost-Effective Nicotine & Smoke Damage Cleaning Services

Most of us take pride in our homes, and we can often spend hours every week keeping floors vacuumed, surfaces dusted and scrubbed, and everything looking just so. But if there’s a smoker in your household and they smoke indoors, you’ll quickly be able to tell as there will be tell-tale yellow staining on the walls and ceilings. And if a fire has broken out, even a small one, it’ll likely leave behind burn marks, scorching, and carbon scoring that’s difficult to remove.

We provide extensive nicotine and smoke damage cleaning services at Gary’s Property Services. Why waste time and money when one call to us will save you both and leave your home looking spotless? One of the toughest challenges to overcome when painting any interior wall is covering stains caused by smoke, soot/ carbon and/ or nicotine.

Even if you try painting over the stains, they’ll often quickly bleed through, no matter how many coats you apply. The good news is that there is a way to remove these stains, and the team at GPS knows just how. We possess knowledge of techniques proven highly effective at removing nicotine and smoke stains and odours. And we possess the right chemicals to deliver first-class results.

Not only will we remove any trace of the stains, but we’ll take care of any smells of stale smoke and nicotine that often linger. Your home will be left pristine and smelling fresh throughout.

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Whether it’s a property you live in, inherited, or rented out, if you need professional smoke and nicotine cleaning services, start by getting in touch. We’ll arrange a time to visit your home to discuss your requirements and assess the work that’s required.

We’ll then supply you with a FREE, no-obligation quote. We’ll schedule a date and time to complete the cleaning if you’re happy with our fee. A member of our team will arrive fully equipped and ready to tackle the job. They’ll be uniformed and carry ID, so you’ll know who you’re dealing with. If you have any questions during the process, feel free to ask.

Once they’re done, they’ll leave your home as they found it, minus the smoke and nicotine stains. And, if you need a different service, keep reading.

Other Services

In addition to nicotine and smoke cleaning services, we at GPS offer other services, too, including:

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  • Drug Paraphernalia Removal
  • Garage and Shed Removals and Clearances
  • Moss Removal
  • Extreme Cleaning
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  • House Clearances
  • Site Clearances
  • Retail and Office Clearances

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Why Should You Choose GPS Dorset?

GPS is a family-run business committed to customer service excellence. We have more than 25 years of experience in the waste management industry, and we will take on jobs that other waste management companies won’t touch. We provide a professional service with minimal fuss. Whatever your request, we’ll always go the extra mile to ensure it’s fulfilled and that your expectations are surpassed.

We are trusted by a lot of clients for our impeccable services and competitive rates. All our employees sign confidentiality disclosure forms and receive regular training, ensuring they provide the best results. Please see the reviews on our website to learn more.

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At Gary’s Property Services, we’re committed to providing customers with the right service at the most affordable price. To book our nicotine and smoke damage cleaning service, call us on 01202 473 554 or fill out our online contact form, and we’ll reply to your written query as quickly as possible.